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From £399

Fed up of that old dog crate being an eye sore in the corner of your room?

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End Table

From £189

Our beautiful household dogs we have today once originated as den animals which is why you’ll sometimes find them under curtains, tables or even your bed (small dog owners you can relate to this one!

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HD Range

From £79

Our HD range can be finished in both a rustic or a luxury finish depending on your décor and are designed to integrate into any home.

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Luxury Feeding Stations

From £34.95

Fantastic to help improve posture and digestion.

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BioSafe Germ Smart Dog Toys

From £10.99

BioSafe toys are a more hygienic toy for your pet and family. Each toy is coated in an antimicrobial technology which prevents the growth and survival of microbes including bacteria, mould and fungi. FREE UK delivery on all products.

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